Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

April 10, 2013

Narconon sunshine summit lodge

Globally, various organizations are working to restore drugs and alcohol addicts back to their lost dignified life. Narconon is one such non-profit organization that is working on the principles of scientology front group. This group believes in remedying the addicts on two basic levels, on one level the addicts are addressed the numerous fatal consequences the drugs and alcohol addiction leads them to and secondly the addicts are given a treatment that helps restore them to the lasting sobriety in their lives. Sunshine summit lodge situated near the San Diego County of California is a rehabilitation center that works upon the fundamental principles and rules of Narconon group. It uses Narconon Fresh Start Program to heal the substance abusers and alcohol addicts. Natural detoxification of the toxins is observed in this program. Then there are life skills training courses introducing to clients new panoramas of a healthy and successful life ahead after restoration.

Rehabilitation in this rehab center is made certain by its Narconon Fresh Start Program. The toxins that had caused venomous disorders in the body of addicts are removed in a way that no alternative drugs are medicated to the clients. You are being assured that in the process of withdrawal the clients live a total drug free life and even once he is totally cured he is not given any substitute drugs for the drug. The long hours of sauna meditation helps flushing out the toxins residues stored in the tissues of the body. Nutritional supplements are given to the clients in full supervision, with a scheduled exercise and support of the supervisors the toxins gradually flush out enabling clients not feel the temptation to fall back a prey to the clutches of this devastating phenomenon of addiction. Allis takes a time of 90 to 150 days but eventually the clients will get the results for which he has visited here and joined this Sunshine Summit Lodge of Narconon.

Once the detoxification is made completely, then the clients are introduced teaching life skills courses helping him/her function successfully. At sunshine summit lodge, the Main Lodge is constructed for the clients to communicate with each other, there the clients play cards and share their ideas; with an easy access to the ways opening towards spas, fitness center and jogging tracks, this Main Lodge is ideal to support the clients overcome their shaky attitude modifying their behavior. The addicts are being counseled by professionals available throughout here. In a friendly and home like environment, clients learn the ways to get back to the normal life. The unique and novel method of curing the alcoholics and drugs addicts truly works for the rest of their lives.